My Passive Income Report – October 2019 (Almost 400 EUR of Passive Income and still a lot of work to do)

Good morning guys! As I do every beginning of the month I share with you my latest Passive Income Report, an article in which I share all my Passive earnings of the last month divided by category.

In October I got a Passive Income of almost 400 Eur, and I’m really happy about the result. During the last month I worked and posted on my blog 31 articles about the Financial Freedom Challenge that I created. 31 days, 31 challenges to directionize your life towards Financial Freedom. I also created an ebook for the Challenge and I sold the firsts copies…incredible results for me!

As always, if you have any advice on how to improve the Report or about income sources to add to my Portfolio, I really will be happy to read your comments 🙂

Finally I leave the link to my Report: [](

Have a good day guys and good luck for everything! 😀

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