Good way to monetize book summaries?


A few years ago, I spent a decent sum of money through UpWork to get a sizeable amount of book summaries written (30-40). At the time, I was working on a startup that would use these as the main source of content. However, I ended up doing something else instead and putting this project on the backburner. Now that I have some time, I’ve begun to think about this project again.

What would be a good way to monetize from these summaries in perpetuity? Normally, I wouldn’t go into this niche anymore because I feel that it’s become ultra competitive, but since I have these book summaries written already the first batch of content is basically done and will just sit there unless I do something. I’m not looking to make the next big thing, or to run a startup and do the whole VC raise cap thing, I just want to find a way to get some passive income from these books.

I’ve been thinking about putting them up on a blog for free and monetizing through affiliate + adsense and driving traffic through SEO optimization and some marketing. This is probably the cheapest and quickest option, but I’m wondering if there is a better option since that niche (book summary blog website) is very competitive already. I’ve also considered starting a book summary service (something like Blinkist), but I am a bit wary of the costs for that since it will be basically running a startup, and competing with them will be difficult since their service is so expansive + they have a developed brand + existing funding (basing this on the fact that there are already many similar services, and some seem to be doing ok but a lot are not doing that well). Basically, I’m trying to take an objective look and exhaust all of my options to see what I could possibly do. Ideally it would be something where I could work myself out of a job, and have it earn some sort of passive income for me, or progress into something where I can add more book summaries, and just do regular marketing maintenance to keep up-to-date.

Thanks in advance!

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